About Us

Welcome to Baltic Trade – Your Trusted Source for Premium Heating Products in the Nordics!​
With two decades of unwavering dedication and experience, Baltic Trade has risen to become one of the leading suppliers of heating products in the Nordic region. Nestled in the heart of the Baltics, our state-of-the-art production facilities are where innovation and tradition unite to create excellence.

Produced in the Baltics, Delivered to the Nordics: Our commitment to quality begins at home, as all our products are proudly made in the Baltics, a region renowned for its artistry and expertise. This is where the journey to warm and cozy homes across Norway, Sweden, and Finland truly begins. 

Natural Drying Process, Minimizing Environmental Impact: Nature itself takes care of drying the trees. We let the sun and winds dry the trees naturally. The dried wood is stored in ventilated warehouses. This is how we save electricity and minimize environmental impact.

A Legacy of Excellence: With 20 years in the industry, we have not only honed our skills but have also acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering premium firewood, briquettes, and pellets. Our legacy is built upon consistently delivering top-notch heating solutions to meet the unique needs of our cherished customers.

Quality, Professionalism, and Service: At Baltic Trade, our values are unwavering. We place an unwavering focus on quality, professionalism, and dedicated service to our esteemed partners. Our commitment to these principles ensures that every interaction with us is exceptional.

Norwegian Standards, Baltic Artistry: Rest assured, all our goods are meticulously manufactured and quality assured according to the stringent Norwegian standards. This dedication to excellence is a testament to our promise of delivering the best.

Your Rights, Our Priority: When you choose us as your partner, your rights and expectations are our top priority. We guarantee not only the highest quality but also well-filled bags, swift delivery times, and flexible payment terms to meet your unique needs.

Baltic Trade is more than a supplier; we’re your dedicated partner in ensuring warmth, comfort, and quality. Explore our range of premium heating products and experience the Baltic Trade difference. Join us in creating a cozier, more inviting future for homes across the Nordic region.​

Discover excellence with Baltic Trade. Your satisfaction is our commitment.