400 LUX sauna with half moon glass wall


A spacious 4-meter barrel sauna with panoramic half-moon shaped glass, adding value through its luxurious design and additional features.

The sauna’s rounded shape promotes excellent air circulation in the steam room, providing the best steam experience. The half-moon shaped glass in the steam room enhances the space, bringing you closer to nature and likely offering the best view while on the bench.

The large steam room can accommodate up to 8 bathers on the bench simultaneously, with a spacious anteroom for changing and relaxation. There is also a compact terrace in front of the sauna for resting and cooling down.”

The set includes: 

  • Wall material is 28/42 mm thermal pine
  • Above the stove and on the back wall, fire and heat-resistant minerit board
  • Sauna bench
  • Lockable wooden exterior door
  • Bronze glass steam room door
  • Half-moon shaped glass on the back wall
  • Sauna bucket with LED lighting embedded in the bench
  • Interior lighting in the sauna
  • Two windows on the front wall, one of them is openable
  • Roofing material: bitumen shingles (black, brown, gray, red, or green) 

Additional options: 

  • Wood burning stove
  • Glass front wall
  • Glass partition wall
  • Stainless steel chimney with a water tank (black design)
  • Bench backrests
  • Stereo system – (radio, Bluetooth, USB, AUX, speakers, antenna)
  • Sauna interior and exterior finishing


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